Sequoia-backed CurioPets is Pokémon GO meets Tamagotchi

As Apple gears up to launch its augmented reality-equipped iOS 11 tomorrow, startup CurioPets is fully prepared with its Pokémon GO-meets-Tamagotchi game.

CurioPets, short for curious pets, is a multi-player, augmented reality pet simulator that launches tomorrow on iOS. Built with Apple’s ARKit, the aim is to encourage real-world exploration — similar to Pokémon GO — as you travel around with either a puppy or a kitten and take care of them, which is more like Tamagotchi and NeoPets.

All around the world is curious energy, CurioPets founder Nathan Kong told me. Throughout the game, you go to real-world locations like museums, art galleries and other places with cultural relevance to collect Curios, the in-game currency. You can use the Curios to buy clothes, furniture, food…

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