Reflex aims to Kickstart film photography with a new old SLR

Mating digital photography with film seems to me an alluring yet ultimately quixotic endeavor; who doesn’t love the idea of a camera that combines the weight and handling of a 35mm SLR with the convenience and precision of a digital one? Yet it has never been done, and likely never will be. Reflex is the latest to try, though, with a brand new 35mm camera built for the modern, smartphone-toting photographer.

The idea behind the crowdfunding campaign was to create a sort of system-agnostic film SLR. The Reflex’s modular build means you can swap out the lens mount for any of the majors: Canon, Nikon, Pentax, and so on. Bigger lens selection is always good, but is that enough to make people want to buy in?

To sweeten the pot, the project is offering as Kickstarter rewards (in…

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