NFL, NCAA And UFC Go After Deadspin And SBNation Over Tweeted Vines And GIFs


One of my favorite ways to consume the best parts of sportsball is in animated GIFs and 6-second Vines. I only want to see that big block or that sweet catch, not the crap before and after it.

The NFL seems to agree and probably wants to be the only place you can get those GIFs or Vines, because according to numerous reports, the Twitter accounts of two prominent sports publications have been shut down over sharing NFL-owned content via said means.

UPDATE: Deadspin’s account is back (@SBNationGif is still suspended) and the NFL has issued a statement saying that they reported content, but did not request that any particular accounts be shut down:

We’ve seen the DMCA requests, which Twitter makes public on the site when it acts on them as normal practice. There were notices from the NFL, as well as the NCAA and UFC. We couldn’t review the content because well…it’s been taken down, naturally.

A source has indicated to us that it was the NFL who reported these accounts, which has a deep media relationship with Twitter.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 3.51.32 PM

The accounts, @Deadspin and @SBNationGif, seemingly vanished, and…

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