How the tiny startup Phantom Cyber scored big at RSA

By any measure, Phantom Cyber is a David in a world of security Goliaths. Yet it scored top honors as the Most Innovative Startup of RSA 2016 Innovation Sandbox contest. It has raised less money than most of other contenders. Yet it’s offerings were seen as novel, even ground breaking.

At a standing room only event at Moscone North, 10 startups pitched. Each had precisely 3 minutes, and a nerve-jangling buzzer cut them off if they exceeded the time.

The judging panel of Asheem Chandna, a partner at Greylock; Patrick Heim, who serves as the Head of Trust at Dropbox; Gerhard Eschelbeck, a VP of Security at Google; Renee Gutman,   the CISO at Royal Caribbean; and Paul Kocher, who serves as the President of Crypto Research at Rambus had seen it all. Their role was to shred some…

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