Baidu is acquiring xPerception, a U.S. startup focused on computer vision

Baidu is acquiring xPerception, a US startup specialized in computer vision, according to Reuters. Details are sparse, but we know the startup has its own module for object recognition and depth perception that can be deployed on robots and drones.

The Chinese tech giant has been active in machine intelligence M&A this year. Back in February it acquired Raven Tech, a Chinese startup developing its own voice assistant. This new acquisition is notable because it involves a US startup. It could also hold the key to Baidu’s future autonomous driving and augmented reality efforts.

xPerception was founded by Dr. Bao Yingze and Dr. Chen Mingyu, two early Magic Leap engineers. The team is expected to continue its work under the wings of Baidu.

In March, Andrew Ng, Baidu’s chief…

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